Friday, April 15, 2011


Announcing the completion of the First Draft of: Puey and the Princess and the Broken Rainbow. Drumroll, please! On February 15th, I began writing an entirely new book to begin the series of Puey and the Princess. Today, on April 15th, I have finished what I consider to be the First Draft. Puey and the Princess has now been completely rewritten as a young adult novel. Now with more action! More explosions! More candy pirates, aliens, zeppelins, princesses, and all things clockwork! And Dragons too. And it seems that the Emperor broke all the rainbows. Who knew? Next step, the Second Draft. There I will translate several small poems in Babel. I will tighten up the scenes. Throw out the crazy things that don't work. And do something about the spelling. But for now, I'm resting.