Sunday, March 29, 2009

As Clear as Mud

Here is one way to think of the main characters.
Puîyus and Éfhelìnye and Akhlísa are the main characters, they form the central triangle and from them all other relationship ripple. The second triangle which overlaps the prime one is that of the Triple Sweqhàngqu Sisters Fhermáta and Siêthiyal and Akhlísa. To the top we have Íngìkhmar and Khwofheîlya, the parents of many of these characters and at the bottom we have Kàrijoi and Khnoqwísi, the former Emperor and Empress. We have pirates in the top right corner, we have Grandfather Pátifhar and Great-Uncle Táto in the lower right corner, in the upper left we have the Traîkhiim, and in the lower left Prince Jhwèsta and the wind up toys. Simple, ne?

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