Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two More Conlang Christmas Cards

The next card that I have received on both of our behalves is resplendent in cuneiform runes. At first I was a little puzzled by it, for I am not at all sure about the sounds of this language. I think that in trying to hear the sounds and dreams of the Void that all that one can do is guess. For instance, this card only seems to use two different vowels, and it seems that this speech may even be capable of pronouncing a laryngeal click. In Babel we do have the sound Qh which is oft pronounced as a purr, a laryngeal, pharyngeal, or epiglottal trill, but Qh is quite distinct to X, our click. Moreover I do think that as with other cards that I have found that we do not quite receive the musical pitch value for the vowels.
So, this is the best that I can manage as the transcription.

Méé tòò mé
Téé mòò
Kh’ò moon kh’é
Teen èè pe
Yè méé tòòpoo
Tó mé

And this I interpret as:

Ás qrunáqeyusqrunasqronàmpel!
Koaqing qàmaqa Thyúng
Pajeqyèkhren qárngènukhul
pus poel quwejúwertlhèrtlha qthewoithniyòlkha
Qwùngta’ ei xhmújo
Tlhiijhwekhmátu xhroe yapti
Tlhùntu jàruyu pfhu túxhmi’ ó.
Be there a great and long and good solstice!
In the Sun’s today
We many persons
Who are of the household of the qthewoîthni oaks
Think that it’s good that
One wishes a warm solstice,
A feast, a tea party unto you!

And in the above I use the words jàruyu which means parties, mead tea parties, celebraciouns, kō̃mos, comißatio and qàmaqa today, Þis day, anduiriu and the impersonal participle qárng that is persons, wihts; some/any one, somewho, anywho and qrùqe, qrunáqe we already know as a word for solstice, and qthewoîthni, a tree like Þe oak tree, perkwu, twok, orschibuz, astryra and quwejúwèrtlha, quwejúwertlhèrtlha* one’s households, family membren, kin, kith; tho who are related to a clan, household and qwùngta those who are goodly, vando, jalungurru, manaith, aλin and qyèkhren, qyèkhrema those who think someone or something, meno, tandak, mera, alfi and Thyúng, another name for Eîl the Sun and Tlhiijhwekhmátu you already know as Dancing Days and tlhún, tlhùntu feasts, meßianick feasts, banquets, ‘uQ’a’ and xhmújo those who wish, want someone or something, mau, n’ok

The next item that I received was a fish. I thought at first that this was another prank from Fhólus and Aîya whose sense of humor I have yet to understand, but then I realized that it was in fact a vase in the shape of a piscine, and enscribed upon it, as far as I could read, is the following:

Pa-‘ imem’ yem’am
M’ekum wa-‘ imlam n’ets’ q’yet

This I believe to mean:

Fhórèsya fhroetòjhwa xhnoe
Fhújo xhnoe’ àmpeku toaqe xhmeîxoa
Xhrèpu’ unalikhelìsti khnerújòyaloi’
Alúlefhèlatser pejor fhín úyaning.
One sets out to wish kisses of peace and
Health and an household of many children
During the harvest, the thanksgiving, the gratitude
In the context of wishes and fishes.

And the above makes use of the words alúlefhel wishes, dreams, velleity and àmpeku wealth, largeneß, moveababel property, household of many childers, baŝītum and fhín a rather generick word for flying fish, ghotifishes, generick term, dǵhuH, dag, paprax, tilon, ien, lagprat, skēv, ēagracān, d̀abu, guya, iqaluk and fhórèsya those who wish, will someone or something, n’ok and fhroêt peace, kiß of peace, ubogta, láirakh, ahaman, bungbung, gåp, mač’a, ŋ̃und̀al and fhújo health, power, collumac and khnerújo gratitude, thanks and the composite adposition qir xhmeîxoa X xhroe for the sake of, on behalf of X and unalikhelìsti Thanksgiving, harvest, Meßidor, spaviz, koseča and xhrèpu harvests, Meßidor, spaviz, koseča.

I take the above poem to be a betrothal present, especially since it invokes the idea of àmpeku which can mean property in the sense of having many children. Perhaps the piscator nation of Jheutèrpei has thanksgiving customs of giving ichythian vases unto newly betrothed couples.
[1] From a Christmas Card from Jorge Cristino
[2] From a Christmas Card from Mia Soderquist


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