Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 1 of the Novel

The First Day of Writing:

          So, the novel begins today.  I don’t start with the first chapter, but what may end up being the third (or fourth).  I certainly have ideas for the first chapter or two, but I’d like to feel my way into the novel a little so that the first couple of chapters thematically link to the story that will be told.
          I mostly followed the outline.  The first written chapter mostly just sets the stage with Princess Éfhelìnye in the Forbidden Gardens and her relationship with Puîyus and Princess Ixhúja.  A few pages of the outline really expanded.  Also, Éfhelìnye ends up reminding the reader of what happened in the first two books.
          My intention is for each book in the series to stand on its own, so that a reader can read them in any order.  However, it’s nice when the main character does remind us of things that have already happened.
          One day that I create ideas is by fiddling with the language.  For instance, in working on the second draft of the second novel, Puey and the Princess and the Mirror within the Mirror, I discovered several lexical gaps in the language.  In the narration, the characters were clearly referring to things that must be single words or phrases in their language, since they mentioned them a few times.  So, here are a few compounds that I discovered.

Apenkhamfhàqefhoa             (< àpen + khàmfha + qèfhoa) hope chests, dowry chests, glory boxes for virgins
Xhmisatrienoîpa, xhmisatrienoîpu (< xhmìsa + trienoîpa) podships of the Aûm
Tsijhufhìnejhi                         (< tsìjhu + fhìnejhi) seedships of the Qhíng
Tnúkhekhòlpufhang             (< tnúkhe + khòlpufhang) clockwork ships, especially of Khnìntha

          Plus there were a lot of words for toys.  Toys are important to the plot and theme.

Qhimlàqraqa, qhimàqraqai  (< qhìmla + qràqa) ballerina dolls crafted by the Emperor
Jhotrajhàsqe, jhotrajhàsqin  (< jhòtra + jhàsqin) toy soldiren, toy officren, toy pedati, toy maquahuiltmen crated by the Emperor
Kulyòqthoa                            (< kùlyo + qthoâ) toy trains, toy train sets crafted by the Emperor
Qyoxhakhwátel, qyoxhokhwátilu  (< qyòxho + khwátel) toy blocks crafted by the Emperor

          Finally, there must be a lot of words for plush dolls in Babel.  But which ones would the Emperor have made?  Going through the lexicon, I figured out how the Emperor would have lumped them together.  Here are a few fun examples.

Xexaumàkhleqoi          (< Xèxaum + khlèqoi) plush toy insects, plush toy Aûm folk, crafted by the Emperor
Qoqeqóqòkhleqoi                   (< qoqeqóqo + khlèqoi) plush toy atsáya rooster raptors, crafted by the Emperor
Qweqwekàkhleqoi                  (< qwèqweka + khlèqoi) plush toy tlhiîla or kawóni ducks, crafted by the Emperor
Khyairfhàkhleqoi                  (< khyaîrfha + khlèqoi) plush toy fhaîfha or kàmemi or qemámi butterflies, plush toy fhwúqha fire moths, plush toy Kajúju folk, crafted by the Emperor
Fhwinìkhleqoi                        (< fhwìni + khlèqoi) plush toy dinosaurs, crafted by the Emperor
Khmárnwùkhleqoi                 (< khmárnwu + khlèqoi) plush toy Traîkhiim, crafted by the Emperor
Xhwáwàkhleqoi                     (< xhwáwa + khlèqoi) plush toy jòtso or khwàxhya or khwùlefha or xhwàya coyomeh, plush toy tsùkhrer and wtsùkhli and qhìtlhatlhi and fhesìmpa and jhyámun platypodes, crafted by the Emperor
Axhwìkhleqoi                         (< àxhwi + khlèqoi) plush toy tlheîr and kàpa and káwi and tiêr and lwàpri deer, crafted by the Emperor
Thikhìkhleqoi                         (< thìkhi + khlèqoi) plush toy snakes, plush toy Dragons or Phœnixes, plush toy Xhnatàsti feline folk, plush toy wingèd kípil, plush toy squirrel·tailed khmesùrxhrakh and tyítlhir and xhmaê and pfhaûlefha and khwèsai cats, crafted by the Emperor; Xhuxhaxhòkhleqoi thikhìkhleqoi

          And of course the Emperor used to make puppets.

Xhàxhma, xhàxhmat             puppets, sock puppets, marionettes, püp, quocker·wodgren crafted by the Emperor
Qtainaxhàxhma, qtainaxhàxhmat           (< qtaîna + xhàxhma) sock puppets crafted by the Emperor
Toxunxhàxhma, toxunxhàxhmat   (< tòxun + xhàxhma) shadow puppets crafted by the Emperor

          Finally, here’s a version of the rest of the outline for this chapter.  You’ll notice that bits of it break out into dialogue.  Other parts are more just vague description.

          On the first day I wrote: 15, 156 words.

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