Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Mirror Within the Mirror

Special Announcement!

I've just finished the first draft of my second book: Puey and the Princess and the Mirror within the Mirror.

This was a rather complicated story to tell. Puey's Sisters tend to do whatever they want to do. Puey got involved in this big blood feud against the Metamorphick Mutants. The Hungry Ghosts seem to have their own agendum going on. Princess Ixhuja managed to sneak out of the Clockwork Heresy and cause all sorts of problems. And of course Princess Efhelinye just had to gather together a bunch of aliens, build a little zeppelinling, and crash it against a Dragon infested volcano just to find the Mirror within the Mirror.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start working upon a second draft. Then I'll go back and start the third draft of the first book, Puey and the Princess and the Broken Rainbow.

By the way, the working title for the third book will be: Puey and the Princess and the Sword of Fire.

The third book will probably mostly take place in the Holy City. Things are going to get crazy there.

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