Monday, December 21, 2009

Sam's Invocation

My Princess, I believe that this third stanza also belongs to this same section. There seems to be a similarity of tone, although I am not at all sure that I can understand the mythopoeic connotations.

Á-‘ Erufh’eresu Q’irusonieru
Xh’irufh’urent pe-khn’-a mírieru
Ó meneru-‘ aq’uráru-‘ erenasu!
Na-kaeren’o parann’eirieru-‘
Ó q’arats’uremin enorasu
P’uanuirosu re rinason
Nep’u-‘ aiyá xh’í nep’u-‘ Airaron!

A-‘ Erufh’eresu Q’irusonieru-‘
O menel palan-n’iriell le nal’on
Xhí-‘ n’inguruthos!
A tiro nin, P’uanuirosu!
Oh Erufh’eresu Star-kindler
White glittering slants katadown sparkling like crystal-jewels
From the firmament the glory of the Star-host!
Unto remote distance far-having gazed
From the tree-tangled midlands
P’uanuirosu, bright spirit yclad in ay-white, to thee I shall chant on this side of the ocean, hereslumber, on this side of the Great sunderent Ocean!
Oh Erufh’eresu Star-kindler
From firmament gazing afar, to thee I cry
Hereslumber beneath death-horror!
Oh look untowards me, Everwhite!

And so I would render the above as something like unto this:


Kàruling xhmir Elperetha xhrir Elta

Xá’ Elperetha Qhiltóniel
Xhrir úsu julayiitiîkh tyú
Xhrir xèmo qorlíyakh
Qòxho Qethwùyejikh!


Hymn to Elperetha from the Elta

Oh Elperetha Qhiltóniel
From waterfalls that are crystalline jewels, glistening
From the cupola of the firmament, that is glory,
The hosts of the Stars!
Qlofhìsutakh pwoâpa púxhli per paês
Xhrir qhùqte khlón qeîr tqìkei
Xhnípe ptikeyùlkha fhímepakh.
Xá Fhanuilos teirxhmi
Qhapaiqelóngeyòjhwat púsa
Swutlha se sengut lyayarùlkha
Qìr poâ swutlha se yengut syijhipanaqai xhroe yusqrun!
Untowards distant places have I looked with awe, going afar,
From middle dreamlands, the embrangled middangeard,
Tangled with drutrees.
Oh Fhanuilos unto dear thee
Do I in fact humbly intone
On this side of the ocean
Hereslumber on this side of the great fractal seas.
Xá Elperetha Qhiltóniel
Xhrir xèmo pwoâpa qus púxhli per paês
Teirxhmi pú per pèxhlulu
Qìr poâ xhthorlàyufhar ulongayùlkha!
Tnekheiyoráxeus khyi jinexhmi túyan xá Fhanuilos!
Oh Elperetha Qhiltóniel
From the domes of the firmament, after I looked with awe, going afar, unto dear thee I cry out
Hereslumber beneath the terror of death!
Would that you look untowards dear me on purpose, oh Fhanuilos!

And the above stanza uses the words fhím trees and jùla jewels and kàrul songs of joy, hymns as sung texts, teocuicatl, hüm, onez and khlón, khlóyot those who are in the middle, center and lyàyar sea, ocean and paês those who go afar and paîqe, paiqelónge those who chant ritualwise, sing, intone someone or something and pèxhlu, pèxhlulu those who cry out, shout, yell someone or something and ptìke, ptìkei those who tangle someone or something and pwoâpa those who look, behold, hark with awe someone or something and qeîr middle, midst; Þe midlands, middangeard, mittilgart, miðgarðr, kargo, muincedan and qèthwo, qèthwu Stars, Angels, the Skydancers and qhùqte countries, dreamlands and qlòfhis far places, distant places and qorlíyakh glory and qòxho, qòxhoim armies, host, war, warbands and swùtlha side, flank, lateral area and syijhipànaqai fractal seas, zu·dak·lul, bochna, bar, loircis, anso and tnekheîyor those who see, look at someone or something and tqìke, tqìkei those who are entangled, gnarled, tangled with, embrangled with someone or something and tyú those who glow, shine, glisten and ùlonga death and úsu, úsuqhe waterfalls, falls and xèmo, xeîmo domes, roofs, firmament, dome of Þe firmament, welkin, cupola, tholus, welkin of dance, umbrizio and xhthòrla terror.
And, oh my Éfhelìnye, you can see, or at least I have endeavored to try to reveal it into you, that there is a bit of a play on words with the words ptìke, ptìkei those who tangle and tqìke, tqìkei those who are entangled, gnarled. They are syntactically both active voice, but semantically mirror shadows of each other, if you will. I am sure you could explain it far better than I could.
And once again I think I have found a few more odd utterances from this previous dream.

Elperetha Elperetha from Elfh’ereth
Fhanuilos Fhanuilos from P’anuilos
Qhiltóniel Qhiltóniel from Q’ilthoniel

And this is yet another version of this third stanza.

Taix Elfh’eretlh fh’om je
Ximlat’rixh Xelt’axpux fh’om
The Psong and Elfh’eretlh are together
Psong of the Xelt’axpux of Ximlat’rixh
Elfh’eretlh q’iltlhonyel
Naq’boq’mei rurfh’oq’ fh’ojh’fh’oq’ jex
Khom’mei mangq’om fh’atlhjh’alm’ox!
Oh Elfh’eretlh Q’iltlhonyel
In light that shines like gemstones
From the sky
of the honor of the army of Stars!
Xhormei laux pukhmei fh’otlhm’ox
Khop-fh’oq’ pukhmei m’ileq’pux jikh xej
Fh’iq-xax t’opm’amt’aq
Nat’em’ fh’iq-xax nim’ t’opm’amt’aq
M’anuyloxh xhokhm’at’ m’ifh’om jikh!
From the middle of dreamlands of many drutrees
I have looked upon remote dreamlands
And on this side of the ocean
Hereslumber on this side of the great ocean
Oh M’anuyloxh to you I chant!
Elfh’eretlh q’iltlhonyel
Jileq’pux ej
Nat’em’ kheq’ qkhifh’ fh’ingt’aq
Xhokhm’at’ jijajh’!
Tokh! Khileq’ M’anuyloxh!
Oh Elfh’eretlh Q’iltlhonyel
From the sky
I have looked and
Hereslumber under the shadow of death
To you I cry.
Zo! Look upon me, M’anuyloxh!
[1] Aerlinn in Edhil o Imladris By J. R. R. Tolkien. More respect and just as many sorries.

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