Friday, May 8, 2009

Forms of Language

Epistle IV: Fhermáta sends a chart on the Forms of Language

May this be read by the Crown Prince Puîyos my Foster Brother my beloved, the Son of both Kàrijoi and Íngìkhmar, the future Emperor of all the Land of Story and the Lord of Eath and Sea and Sky
From his Fhermáta his Foster Sister of the same Starday
By way of Fhrérwo, the Raven Courier Service Express
Writ by her own hand
In summer days

Puey, may tay the peace and blessings of the Ancestors, Spirits, Immortals, and the Father of Stars be unto you.

Beloved Sibling, Puey,

I just want to inform you that Éfhelìnye has taken sick abed, but we are all taking very good care of her. She is a bit of a delicate flower, and I think the shocking of finding you again and then losing you even in the same day has been too much for her. I know she’ll be better soon, for her Mother is here with us, and our Mamà has even been on her best behavior. I don’t really know what Ixhúja and Siêthiyal are doing, but as long as nothing explodes, I won’t investigate. Your future wife was working on a chart about the different forms of language, and I copied it out for you and am sending it with this letter. It seems like she has a very kean idea on how what language should be, for she is certainly presenting it in a different way to what you and I were taught by Grandfather Pátifhar. For my part, I still get confused with voice and mood and mode, but when she started explaining it to me it almost made sense. Anyway, please stay safe in battle. We’ll take care of your Princess here.

Forms of Þe Babel Language


Twenty Consonants
Two Semivowels
Fivë Vowels

Four Musical Tones

Rising Pitch Accent, Rising Note
Falling Pitch Accent, Falling Note
Rising·Falling Pitch Accent, Rising and Falling Note
Level Pitch Accent, Level Note

Four Parts of Speech

Personal Pronouns
Relativë Pronouns

Participlen have Seven Cases
Personal Pronouns have Six Cases
Relativë Pronouns have Three Cases

Vocativë Case
Experiencer Case
Construct Case
Ingeminate Case
Locativë Case
Ergativë Case
Absolutivë Case

Vocativë Case
Experiencer Case
Construct Case
Ingeminate Case
Locativë Case
Ergativë Case

Experiencer Case
Construct Case

Locativë Case
Personal Pronouns have Three Registren
Relativë Pronouns have Ptwo Registren

Familiar Register
Neutral Register
Polite Register

Neutral Register
Non·neutral Register

Þe Experiencer Case hath Three Usages

Subject Experiencer
Predicate Experiencer
Unmarked Relativë Clauses, Postjectives

Þe Predicate Experiencer hath Fivë Voices, Three Moods, ond Four Modes

Fivë Voices

Activë Voice
Middle Voice
Paßivë Voice
Antipaßivë Voice
Mediopaßivë Voice

Three Moods

Comment Mood
Irrealis Mood
Injunctivë Mood

Four Modes

Presumptivë Mode
Deferential Mode
Existential Mode
Honorifick Mode

Þe Presumptivë Mode hath Fivë Aspects
Which may be applied to Þe Experiencer, Construct, ond Ingeminate Case

Imperfect Aspect
Perfect Aspect
Progreßivë Aspect
Eternal Aspect
Vatick Aspect

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