Friday, May 8, 2009

This is Something Completely Different

For the summer I’m going to be revising the grammar and lexicon of the Babel language. I first started creating Babel when I was 12 years old, and it has been many years since I’ve polished it. It just so happens that before their coronation, Princess Éfhelìnye wrote a series of love letters to Puîyus as he was off in battle, and she explained Babel unto her. These epistles contain many charts and graphs which Blogger does not format very well, but you can see them a little better at:

This is the introduction to the grammar book that Éfhelìnye wrote. You can also read it at:

Empress Éfhelìnye’s
Complete Babel Grammar
Princess Éfhelìnye’s Betrothal Present to Prince Puîyos
Presented unto him upon the Fhlólaja, the First Day of Spring,
Being the day of their betrothal and coronation as Emperor and Empress
Of all the Dreamtime, the Land of Story

On this day, being the day when Grandfather Pátifhar binds our hands together, and we drink together of the lustral waters, and begin for the first time to dream the same dreams, and officially become the Clan of Áme, I give to you this book that I wrote during that long year while you were away and fighting the war. In this book, as I promised long ago, when we first met each other in other in the Khwònojhe, the Forbidden Gardens, I endeavor to explain to you all of the grammar of the Language that I invented so as to express my love for you. The book consists of the epistles that I wrote for you and your youngest Sister Karuláta Khniêma Akhlísa was kind enough to copy out for me. In the same way, though, that Babel, the Language of Immortals and Spirits and Men has taken on an imagination of its own, the letters that I wrote for you also have blossomed a little. I have thought it best though to keep them as close to the original and only correct any mistakes in the presentation of the grammar of Babel. In the days to come, after our betrothal rite, and while our parents are teaching us how to become the new Emperor and Empress, I hope that together we can read this book, so that by the time our wedding shall be held next year, you will be able to speak in the words of language. Éfhelìnye

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