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Brief Replies

I'm Still Not Leaving

Qthaê Epistle LII: Thou’rt Warn!

My precious granddaughter Éfhelìnye

As your Grandfather and the one acting in loco parentium I must command you, for I find your behavior this day to be inexplicable and inexcusable. I cannot believe that I found my precious little child holding the hands of her intended husband and kissing him as you stood together upon the deck and watched the boiling Suns at the edge of the void. Hast thou propriety at all? Anyone could have see ye twain together, in fact I’m sure that the princes and sailors and pirates of the fleet did see your kissing. I blush to think of such a thing.
You are forbidden to hold Puîyus’ hands or kiss him until after the Ceremony of Betrothal. Your Great-Uncle Táto telleth me that he had no idea it was in your character to kiss Puîyus. I am shocked.
If you do this again I shall pack up your belongings and send you back to Jaràqtu. Puîyus’ family can take care of you for a time. Thou art warned.

Your Grandfather Pátifhar.

Epistle LIII: Let them be!

Grandfather Pátifhar
Please just leave Éfhelìnye and Puîyus alone. They are still young. Just let them live. And they have already given up quite a bit. If it were not for those two we would already have lost the war, and all of Glossopoeia would have been undone. Need I to remind you that both my Son and the Starflower Princess died for us all? Let them be. Just let them hold hands and kiss.
You’re not planning on whipping them like you used to whip me, are you? I think that is now out of the question.

Thy loving Son Íngìkhmar

Epistle LIV: Sigh!

My child Íngìkhmar

One would expect such illogic from you. If I catch Puîyus and Éfhelìnye holding hands and kissing again, I may just have to beat them. Do I have to remind you that they snuck out of the war rede together? Disgraceful! I shall write no more on the matter. The children have been warned, especially Éfhelìnye, since I suspect she is the instigator.

Thy loving Grandfather Pátifhar

Epistle LV: Anyone seen the Children

Dear Grandfather Thiêfhilos

Peace be unto you.
Greetings! This is just a friendly little note. As I was drawing up algorithms for the war, it occurred unto me … by any chance have you seen Puîyus or my precious Éfhelìnye in the last hour or so? I’ve been quite befuddled with the war plans that Emperor Kàrijoi and Sieur Íngìkhmar have been drawing up, and I must say I’ve lost track of time … and the children. I’m sure they’re around here somewhere. If you know where they are, please tell me. I just don’t want there to be any panick in the fleet.

The Imperial Khrumaînan Scholar
Jhakúpa Khrunàlto Khreûyeil Tònxhiin
Great-Uncle Táto

Epistle LVI: Lwa! Nothing to Report Here!

My Dearest Master Thiêfhilos
Whom all children call Pátifhar

Lwa! How are you? I’m splendiferous. I just wanted to inform you that Xhnófho and I are still hard at work and just finished repairing the plasma cannons. We shall be leaving the fleet in a few moments to smuggle out some of the candies, ur, I mean transport some of the goods you wanted us to send for you. Quite busy here! No need to inspect the export. Everything quite normal at all.


Post Scriptum:
And if you see Captain Euqliîna tell him to stop wrecking my ship! Blue lotus-addled idiot!

Post Post Scriptum:
Seriously, you don’t have to inspect our shipment. Xhnófho and I would hardly be of the humor to smuggle out a certain Crown Prince and his sweetheart or anything like that. Why the last time we checked those two were safe in Jhakúpa’s charge. So, blame him for whatever happens. But nothing to report here!

Post Post Post Scriptum:
Seriously, why don’t we have any nubile women in the fleet? All we have are thrice-honored Kàrijoi’s Vestal Virgins. I spend all this time waxing my mustachios and practicing my bright smile but no one is here to appreciate it. I think sometimes the Vestal Nuns just strike me for being me. How unfair!


Epistle LVII: Even We Twain want the Pirates dead, but …

Oh Grandfather Thiêfhilos the Sorcerer of the Forest

We both give you greetings.
We both are writing this letter asking you for clemency for the miserable pirates who tried to sneak Crown Prince Puîyos and holy Éfhelìnye out of the fleet. It is true that both of us wish for Fhèrkifher and Xhnófho to be dead, and to die in some miserable, excruciating, and long-drawn out torture that is the work of our own tentacles. However, we do not wish for the pirates to be punished for anything done in the name of love. One day those wretched pirates will fall into schemes, they will disappear from history, and we both shall have our way with them. But in the meantime, wax not wroth at the idiotic pirates who just were trying to find a place for the children to hold hands and touch each others’ lips with their own.
If you insist upon harsh, authoritative behavior with the children, you will find them even more difficult to control. They managed to elude us and the former Emperor, they can surely escape us all.

We twain
The Duchesses
Pereluyàsqa and Khosyaràsqa

Epistle LVIII: Second Warning

At vespers tonight just be quiet and wellbehaved. Sit with the Vestal Virgins. I don’t want to hear a single peep from you. I’ve decided not to punish my former student Fhèrkifher and Xhnófho the Grand Suzerain Speaker for trying to smuggle you out of the fleet, but I must warn you, I forbid you to hold Puîyus’ hands and kiss him! I will send you home if you do so. This is your second warning.
Grandfather Thiêfhilos.

Epistle LIX: Guess What

My Dearest Grandfather,

I can almost imagine your surprise at reading this epistle. Just a moment ago Khrùkhtii slipped this scroll into your hand, and you unrolled it, your heart skipping a beat lest this be some ill tidings come unto you in the middle of the vesper services. Your eyen race across the glyphs. You recognize my handwriting at once. What could this mean? Is your granddaughter in trouble? By now you’ve already looked into the congregation. Oh my! Princess Éfhelìnye is missing! And here I am reading a note from her, how very strange. Within the next moment you shall look unto where my beloved Puey is supposed to be kneeling. But he is gone too, you see! Whatever can this mean!
Then let me tell you, Grandpa.
By the time you read this epistle Puey and I will have been missing for at least an hour. We could be anywhere in the fleet. We could be in boat, skerry, rainbrella ship, quinquireme, warship, glass and hot air balloon, anything at all. We may not even be in the fleet. We’re gone. Vanished. Poof!
And guess what!
As you read this Puey and I are no doubt watching the Suns set and holding hands and kissing. You read that right! In fact, we’ve probably been holding hands and kissing and watching the Suns for the entire hour. Kissing kissing kissing kissing kissing kissing kissing kissing!

Have fun with the rest of the service.

Your loving Granddaughter

Epistle LX:

My beloved Khwofheîlya

Grandfather Pátifhar wants you and the rest of the Sweqhàngqu to take charge of Princess Éfhelìnye again. Grandfather has been having a difficult time as of late realizing that both Puîyus and Éfhelìnye are growing up, and they’ve both been sneaking out of services to watch the suns setting and to embrace each other. I remember when I was just a few years older than Puîyus, and Grandfather Pátifhar was quite adament that I not grow up either.
Beloved, I think it would be best just to accommodate Grandfather on this issue, plus I think it may be healthy for the Princess to spend more time with maids her own age. She spends a lot of time alone here or with her scholar slave and has to wait for Puîyus to return to her, exhausted, after a battle. It also may be a good idea to continue teaching her household tasks. As far as I can tell the only task wherein she has any accomplishments is ballet.
Also I think it would be good for Éfhelìnye to spend more time with an almost normal family. The Princess’ side of the family is a little difficult for her. She hardly has any contact with the Pwéru side, and of her Mother’s divine Áme, I do not think the Princess is quite ready for them yet.
Also, and I hesitate to put this into writing, I fear that we may be entering some blizzards worse than before. The Princess should be returned unto safety, unto Jaràqtu the last of the summer days.
I miss you terribly. It is like the Great War of our youth once again, but no longer must we fight in wanhope, for we have a new Prince to lead us unto victory, a Prince whom you and I of love conceived. Please give my love to Fhermáta and Siêthiyal and little Karuláta and tell them that Abbá will return from the war as soon as he can.
All my love

Epistle LXI: I’m sending Fhermáta

My beautiful and brave husband
Hero of Jaràqtu
Bulwark of the Peoples
Lion of the Dreamtime

I shall send Fhermáta. Éfhelìnye may need some persuasion to return home, but she is liable to heed the one she calls Older Sister. I don’t think that the Princess should be forced to return, but if we can find a way for her to accept it, it will be best. I must admit that when I first met the Princess I did not care for her too much, but I have come to learn that she cares for our Son and I would not have them parted save for their safety.
I long for the end of the war. The children here are all fine, but, oh, they are growing up so quickly. I look at Fhermáta and sometimes think she is Khmalàqlil. Siêthiyal looks like Mother, and sometimes acts like Mother. Karuláta right now is stuck in the loft, but we’re all getting brooms to wedge her out. She does have the habit of getting into tight places.
I hope that once again the dreamlands will grow green and anew, and that a new generation will be born. I do not know whether those of our generation will e'er have more children, but at least our children will be able to continue the lines of our Ancestors.

Your Khwofheîlya


Dearest Grandfather

I refuse to return unto Jaràqtu. I refuse to leave Puey for any circumstance e'er. It is most certainly not too dangerous for me here. I’ve only been wounded twice when I’ve wandered into battle. Puey and I have already died one. If I am ripped away from him, I may just die again.
By the time you will have read this letter I will have snuck out of the bedroom wherein you wish to keep me. I will have locked up Great-Uncle Táto within. I’ve already snuck into Puey’s quarters, and by now we’ve probably been holding hands for an hour or so and kissed many times.

Epistle LXIII: I’m coming!

My beloved Sister by Marriage

My precious Éfhelìnye

I shall be visiting you in the warfleet and will probably see you tomorrow. I hope to find you well. I’m bringing some books with me and some fresh pies that your Sisters have been baking for you. I just hope we can keep the pies away from the Tnoaqteûpa slaves!


Epistle LXIV: Pack your Bags

This is your final warning! Granddaughter, if I find you holding his hands and kissing him I am summoning my child Khnoqwísi at once. I’ll let her take care of you. I never had this much trouble taking care of her, she was silent and docile and never ran off after crown princes until she was older. But that’s another story.
Pack your bags. Fhermáta is taking you home.


Epistle LXV: Somebody with the Pies?

Hi Aîya and I and Aîya looking through the epistles and spying on others we we notice someone the writing about pie is that true is that real because we want the pies also.
Who receiving this letter? Who reading this letter?
We no know!

Epistle LXVI: A brief reply

Dearest Grandfather


Your loving Granddaughter

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