Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't you have a fleet to save

Please Disregard the Extraneous Portions of this Epistle

Epistle LXXXIX: Please Disregard the Extraneous Portions of this Epistle

My Dearest Éfhelìnye

I rejoice to receive another epistle from you. I am sad to inform you – xàyati pútlhi is the correct form, right, that I have very little time to write this even. Several of the living ships have been caught in the blizzard. Waves of causality are breaching through the void, and several of our living ships are smashing open. I have to rescue.
I’m sending my netherly Father’s Brides back with this epistle. If you do see Our Lord Raven you may wish to tell him that he may wish to lavish more attention unto the bridal wihts, mortal or nymph or sylph whom he has taken and into whose mind he has poured his dreams. I think it would be quite a good idea that, when Karuláta takes command of the Otherworld, for her to begin some sort of education program for them, at least to purchase some Khrumaînan scholars for this task. Perhaps Great-Uncle Táto would be suitable, or at least he woud know the Scholars and the Wise who could teach these women. I do not know.
I have to leave. Éfhelìnye, please take care of Fhermáta for me. She is probably not able to navigate through the deamscapes of the Otherworld as well as you can. And be not vexed by Raven’s Brides. I am not entirely sure they can think about too much else save for their love for Raven. I’m so sorry I can’t write more, but we’re having an emergency and


Are you writing this for the little Princess? She’s back in the Otherworld.

Mew mew mew mew!

Tee hee hee! You’re funny! When you talk the letter writes Mew mew mew mew mew!

Mew mew mew mew mew!

Shall we give you a quill? Do you want to write?


We’ll only give you a quill if you kiss us.


Then we won’t give you a quill. And we’re going to tell little Éfhelìnye you’ve been kissing us all all night. How many of us are here? A thousand? Maybe even an hundred.


We’ll let you have the quill if


Dearest Éfhelìnye, please disregard any extraneous comments you may find upon this epistle. In the present of only semi-mortal wights such as Raven’s brides, the reality of the epistle changes. Perhaps I should ask Karuláta to take command of the Otherworld now. But then again, Kàrula is so young, and these Brides are really her ritual Mothers. We need someone older than Kàrula in charge … but she’s the only one whimsical enough to take Raven’s plase.


Is this letter going to the little Star Empress? Hello little Éfhelìnye! Your husband is cute!


Give us the epistle back.

Mew mew!

Don’t you have a fleet to save?

[the rest of the epistle is torn]

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