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I have flowers for mine own benefit

One Tries to Describe the Level 6 Prefixation

Epistle L: One tries to describe the Level 6 Prefixation

Be this unto the Cælestial Empress of Tomorrow, my beloved, the Daughter of Kàrijoi and Khnoqwísi, my future bride, the Mother of the Sylvan Caste
From his Crown Prince Puey
By way of Telàqhawa, the Raven Courier Service Express
Copied by his own hand
With Grandfather Pátifhar’s help
From the other side of the war fleet
At the battle of the Void.

May the peace and blessings of the Ancestors, Spirits, Immortals, and the Father of Stars be unto you.

My precious Bride,

Grandfather Pátifhar is helping me to write this epistle. He has read some of your earlier epistles and practiced reading aloud all of the pronoun prefixes, and he keeps telling me that in time the usage and shere number of them will become quite managible in my mind. It can be far simpler in the tounge of beasts, when One just thinks of One and One and One and it all just works, but in Babel we have to be careful to say This Many One and This Singular One and Those Many Ones o'er there.
We are having a pause in the battle. Grandfather Pátifhar chanted that he will recite the level six prefixes for me so I can at least learn to write about indirect objects.

[In Grandfather Pátifhar’s hand]

Level Six Prefixes, being the Indirect Objects

Khneu· for mee; I have (root)
Tu· for thee; Thou hast (root)
Khnie· for him, hir, hit; Hee hath (root)
Jeu· for him, hir, hit (another); Hee (another) hath (root)
Khmu· for us; Wee have (root)
Jhu· for yee; Yee have (root)
Tlhie· for hem; They have (root)
Joa· for hem (another); They (another) have (root)
Sixe· for oneself; for one’s own benefit (middle voice)

I shall copy out what what Grandfather Pátifhar says. The Khneu- series of prefixes is a redundancy mechanicalism, like the Khni- and Khau- series of level four prefixes. The exception is the prefix sixe- which is used to mark the Middle Voice.
I have no idea what that means.

Grandfather Pátifhar is dictating sentences for me:

Khnietuinamatoâkhwen óqlayòlkha kóxhexhmi Puîye.
Puîyus alwey gives flowren unto her, his friend.
Khaukhmuqúra kepuxhmi tae tó
Be a viceroy king for us!
Khniêkuxha stélàrejikh kúxhmi Puîyus.
Puîyus kißes Þe Princess for his benefit.
Jeûkuxha stélàrejikh kekuxhmi Puîyus.
Puîyus kißes Þe Princess for her benefit.

Because the sixe- prefix marks the khyìfhteng middle voice, the word order for the following sentences can be either predicate subject, or subject and predicate.

Sixèkuxha stélàrejikh pónexhmi Puîyus.
Sixèkuxha stélàrejikh Puîyus.
Puîyuss sixèkuxha stélàrejikh.
Puîyus kißes Þe Princess for his own benefit.

Seisixèqyekhen qúràyejikh pónaswaor Puîyus.
Seisixèqyekhen qúràyejikh Puîyus.
Puîyuss seisixèqyekhen qúràyejikh.
Puîyus killed Þe Viceroy king for his own benefit.

Grandfather Pátifhar tells me to write
One can express habēre, that is, to have using these prefixes along with the appropriate form of the locative case. For instance, the normal way to say I have many castles is.

Xhajhyalwánol púyaswaor xhmir pú pú so pae

Sorry I really smeared that line.

Xhajhyalwánol púqi.
I have lots of castles.

However one can use the level six prefix along with a dative form of the locomotive form of the pú form and

Grandfather Pátifhar told me to write:

Xhajhyakhneulwánol púxhmi.
I have a lot of castlen.

Grandfather Pátifhar is drawing up a chart for me to practice these indirect object forms.

Khneutuînamat óqlayòlkha púxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives me flowren, friend that I am.
Khneûkhnier stélàrejikh púxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe prineß for my sake.
Khneuyóqla púxhmi.
I have flowren.
Tutuînamat óqlayòlkha túxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives thee flowren, friend that thou art..
Tùkhnier stélàrejikh túxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for thy sake.
Tuyóqla túxhmi.
Thou hast flowren.
Khnietuînamat óqlayòlkha kúxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives him flowren, friend that he is.
Khniêkhnier stélàrejikh kúxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for someone’s sake.
Khnieyóqla kúxhmi.
Hee hath flowren., this one has flowers.
Jeutuînamat óqlayòlkha kekuxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives him, another, flowren, friend that that person is.
Jeûkhnier stélàrejikh kekuxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for someone else’s sake.
Jeuyóqla kekuxhmi.
He, another, hath flowren, that one has flowers.
Khmutuînamat óqlayòlkha kepuxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives us flowren, friends that we are.
Khmùkhnier stélàrejikh tepuxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for our sakes.
Khmuyóqla kepuxhmi.
We have flowren.
Jhutuînamat óqlayòlkha túxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives yee flowren, friends that you are..
Jhùkhnier stélàrejikh túxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for your sakes.
Jhuyóqla túxhmi.
Ye have flowren.
Tlhietuînamat óqlayòlkha kúxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives them flowren, friends that they are.
Tlhiêknier stélàrejikh kúxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for their sakes.
Tlhieyóqla kúxhmi.
They have flowren, these have flowers..
Joatuînamat óqlayòlkha kekuxhmi Puîye.
Puey gives them, another, flowren, friends that those are.
Joâkhnier stélàrejikh kekuxhmi Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for their, another’s, sakes.
Joayóqla kekuxhmi.
They, another, have flowren, those have flowers.
Puîye sixetuînamat óqlayòlkha; Sixetuînamat óqlayòlkha Puîye.
Puey gives himself flowren.
Puîye sixèkhnier stélàrejikh;
Sixèkhnier stélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey kißes Þe princess for his own benefit.
Sixeyóqla púqi;
Sixeyóqla púxhmi púqi.
I have flowren for mine own benefit.

Grandfather Pátifhar tells me that the prefix sixe- takes the –qi suffix on personal pronouns, and so both:

Sixeyóqla púqi.
Sixeyóqla púxhmi púqi.
Are grammatical ways to say, I have flowers for mine own benefit.

My Dearest Princess, I am must say that this is about all of the grammatical information that I can write at the moment, even with Grandfather Pátifhar’s help. Also, the skies are darkening above the Void. The blizzard is coming. I shall give this epistle unto the Raven, the Raven is the indirect object, right?
I miss you. Take care of Great-Uncle Táto. I shall returnt to you as soon as this battle is ended.

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