Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shape of Things to Come

Here's a preview of the next huge Grammar Chunk of the Empress' Compleate Grammar Grimore. Expect lots of fun with cases and moods and syntax. Hurray!

The Hierarchy of Cases

Complete List of Inflexion Things

Grammar in the Battle

Number Prefixes and Words for Love

Not as Hard as it Looks

How to Bow in Speech

How One Possesses Family Members, Limbs, and Sand

One Tries to Describe the Level 6 Prefixation

Not Well Behaved Adpositions After All

We Just Can't Give Them Away

Monosyllababels in Babel

I'm Still Not Leaving

Please Don't be Angry

Nobody Can Make Me go Home

I'm Still Not Returning Home

The Locative Case is E'er So Much Fun -- Part 1

The Locative Case, still Fun -- Part 2

Let's Just Finish Up the Locative Case, Okay!

I'm Just Translated Away

Original Dishonor Comes to Language

Impossible For to Describe

Eiya, I have some suggestions on how you can ruin language

Now Everything Does Get Nutty

If! Unless! In order to! Before! After! Just as!

Thou Shalt not Kiss the Princess


I May Have a Surprise

Shoulda Woulda Coulda Modals

Please Disregard the Extraneous Portions of this Epistle

How to Ensure a Clause

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of work! No wonder it's almost been a month between postings! You've been busy! Looks good! :-) Punker likes the pictures! ;-)