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I wish I could think of more to mew, but I cannot

I May Have a Surprise

Epistle LXXXVII: I may have a surprise

My dearest bride Qwasáta

I miss you far more than I can describe in words. It has been quite lonely here in the fleet. We have been enduring a great blizzard that comes rippling out from the Void. It is difficult enough just to keep the living ships and cadlongs and glass and hot air balloons intact, but the quantum dæmons have been pouring out again and do not fear the cold and nothingness. I am been happy beyond words to receive these epistles from you, although sometimes I think the letter is still being written even as I read it, and that can be a rather strange impression indeed as if thou and I were experiencing the same dream and at the same time.
I must admit I am not at all sure how to respond unto all of these intricacies and difficulties of language. I do have an idea, perhaps a surprise, but I am not yet able to share it with you. I have saved everything you have written, every doodle and sketch, all of the lost and spinning words that you have collected throughout the great days of days, and it occurs unto me that I may not be able to elucidate grammar too much, but I can start forming some lists about the different persons and civilizations that we have met. I have several pages here which I have reorganized and copied out again with mine own hand, and so I think that the next epistle that I shall send you will involve names and persons and perhaps time. I shall try to paint out all of the names that I remember.
In the meanwhile Great-Uncle Táto has copied out a list of the Level Six Suffixes for me to start painting out. He says that they are modals and that one can use more than one of them upon the same word. And appearently one inflects them upon the predicate experiencer. Here’s the list he has for me.

Level Six Suffix: Modals*

·ajhwor X wants to, wishes to (root)
·alkhut X refuses to (root)
·apreis X gnows (how) (root), gnows (dialect)
·apyaikh X plans, schemes, designs (root)
·aqluir X ought to (root)
·athwar X hath to, must (root)
·atwot X yzzz afraid to, fears to (root)
·atyor X hopes to (root)
·eqhukh X thinks about, considren (root)
·ejet Because, since X yzzz (root)
·emfher X almostly yzzz, doth (root)
·epleis X begins to (root)
·epyis X prefren to (root)
·eqras X may, might (root)
·etwur* causative ensuring construction; (root) causes, ensures somewhom/somewhat
·etwúreu* irrealis causative, ensuring construction; may (root) cause, ensure somewhom/somewhat
·iimpi X yzzz about to,on Þe point of (root)
·ofhyor X ends, stops (root)
·opwar X tries to, attempts to (root)
·oqriir X yzzz supposed to, should (root)
·oqyus X resemblen, yzzz similar to (root)
·otros X dislikes (root)
·otwes X ought not to, must not (root)
·otyus X yzzz prepared, ready to (root)
·upwur X feigns to, pretends to (root)
·uqros X yzzz allowed to, may (root)
·uthyar X yzzz inclined to, cares to (root)
+ Ur* causative ensuring construction; X causes, forces, lets, ensures (root) to betide

Great-Uncle Táto saith that these are quite easy to use. I think of mine own imagination I can concoct a few examples for us.

Kuxhayàjhwor tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey wants to, wishes to kiß Þe Princess
Kuxhayàlkhut tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey refuses to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayàpreiss tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey nows how to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayàpyaikh tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey plans, schemes, hath designs to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayàqluir tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey ought to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayàthwar tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey hath to, must kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayàtwot tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey is afraid to, fears to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayàtyor tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey hopes to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayèmfher tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey almostly kißes Þe Princess.
Kuxhayèpleiss tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey begins to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayèpyiss tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey prefren to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayèqrass tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey may, might kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayiîmpi tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey is about to, on Þe point of kißing Þe Princess.
Kuxhayòfhyor tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey ends, stops kißing Þe Princess.
Kuxhayòpwar tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey tries to, attempts to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayòqriir tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey is supposed to, should kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayòqyus tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey resemblen, is similar to one kißing Þe Princess.
Kuxhayòtros tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey dislikes kißing Þe Princess.
Kuxhayòtwes tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey ought not to, must not kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayòtyus tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey is prepared, ready to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayùpwur tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey feigns, pretends to kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayàqros tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey is allowed to, may kiß Þe Princess.
Kuxhayùthyar tsenastélàrejikh Puîye.
Puey is inclined to, cares to kiß Þe Princess.

One is not at all sure how the suffix –ejet fits in there, Because, since X is root, nor all of the causative suffixes -etwur, -etwúreu and +ur. I rather like the sound of the last one. Ur. Ur. Ur. It even sounds like causing or ensuring that something comes to pass.
I wish I could think of more to mew, but I cannot. I miss you terribly and just hope that you and Fhermáta are having a good enough time in the Otherworld. Would you like me summon Karuláta unto the Shade? Under the terms of Trernanókùthuwo, The Truce of Heaven, I am giving the Otherworld unto my youngest Sister as feoff in my name. If you are uncomfortable with the Nightmares there or if thy Divine Uncle is bothering you, I shall ask your Father whether I can invoke my rights as the future Sun Emperor and cede all the Otherworld to my youngest Sister.
Please kiss Fhermáta for me and take care of Fhólus and Aîya. If you wish for me to come for you, please let me know. It is very cold and dark here, and I miss you a great deal.
Yours, for ever. Puey.

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